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Senior Stay at Home Lifestyle

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Seniors are staying in their homes longer and enjoying the peaceful serenity of nature in their own back yard.

The freedom to have a beautifully landscaped outdoor space that one can sit back and enjoy can be laborious work. The physical nature of landscape maintenance has often caused many seniors to “let their yard go”.

When considering your yard think of the hours you used to spend tending to the flower and shrub beds and mowing the lawn maybe trimming the hedge or just general spring and fall cleanup.

Now imagine if you could get affordable help from qualified Landscape Horticulturists to keep your yard looking beautiful and healthy.

Mowing seems like an easy job (admittedly tis not hard work but time consuming) but if the lawn still doesn’t look great what could be the problem?

When you have qualified Landscape Horticulturists on your speed dial there is always a solution. The best part is that our team never charges for advice all advice is free and we share a lot!

Did you know that different lawn grass seeds will have different light and water requirements? Once your lawn is over-seeded and fertilized with the correct seed and fertilizer for your circumstances you will have a lush green lawn effortlessly, that will be easy to maintain.

Planting beds in your landscape may have become more work than you have time or energy to tend to. Our professional Landscape Horticulturists offer services like mulching and weed barrier application to control weeds and maintain even moisture in perennial beds. These applications will save you labour and money.

Did you know that because we live in a desert like prairie climate that if you uncover the perennials in your planting beds too early it can cause the main crown of the plant to suffer from early spring freezing temperatures?

Our team has the knowledge to know when and how to open your yard up for spring in stages. The reason for doing this in stages is that the lawn can be cleared early and much of the winter debris can be removed from the planting beds, but a second visit is needed to really open the planting beds and do a general pruning of any shrubs that have a few dead branches.

With a knowledgeable Prairie Horticulturist on your team, you won’t have to figure it all out it will be done right from the beginning.

Our advice is always free, and seniors get a discount too!

The connection between nature and human health is top of mind now more than ever before.

Did you know that nature-based solutions in your own back yard can mitigate water runoff, plant drought and soil leaching, with the right combination of plants and soil amendments your yard can be a thriving ecosystem that will be sustainable and healthy? Having the right plant in the right place can change the way our back yard landscapes function.

Lawn aeration can stop puddling and run from storm water, allowing the water to penetrate deeply into the soil encouraging deep lawn roots that are then drought tolerant.

Once again knowledge is power and its important to know that if your lawn is dethatched too early in our desert like prairie climate, the new grass shoots can also freeze during late spring frosts. Remember that our knowledgeable team are here to help you get it right the first time so you can count on us to take care of your yard.

Winter can cause many other situations in the landscape, for example icy walking surfaces, snow build up making it difficult for walkers and canes to move about safely. There is also danger of snow load on plants like cedars and shrubs that can grow bent and misshapen if the snow is not removed in a timely manner.

Your beautifully landscaped outdoor space can be possible with the help of professional landscape maintenance specialists. Let us help you with the tough stuff and you focus on enjoying your retirement that you so deserve.


Leslie Cornell ~ Cornell Design & Landscaping Ltd
U of S Alumni – Prairie Landscape Horticulturist
Red Seal Journeyperson Landscape Horticulturist