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Greenhouse - Garden Centre

Cornell’s Garden Centre in Moose Jaw is a haven for DIY enthusiasts and seasoned gardeners alike, offering a comprehensive array of supplies to turn your outdoor dreams into reality. From top-quality soils and fertilizers to a diverse selection of pots, tools, and landscaping materials, the center is a treasure trove for those eager to embark on their own gardening projects. The well-stocked DIY section caters to both beginners and seasoned gardeners, ensuring that everyone can find the tools and materials they need to bring their creative visions to life.

Beyond the extensive DIY offerings, Cornell’s Garden Centre boasts a lush green oasis within its greenhouse. Here, a splendid variety of greenhouse plants awaits, from vibrant flowers to hardy shrubs, providing customers with an opportunity to bring a touch of nature into their homes and also develop their yards. The knowledgeable staff at Cornell’s is not only there to assist with purchases but also to share valuable insights on plant care, gardening ideas, and project suggestions. Whether you’re seeking advice on the perfect plants for your living space or looking for innovative garden projects to undertake, the friendly and experienced staff at Cornell’s Garden Centre in Moose Jaw is always ready to guide you on your horticultural journey.