Greenhouses are a great place to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of your daily routine.

Cornell Design & Landscaping's Garden Centre has several Greenhouses and plant nurseries for you to visit to shop for your favourite plants. rose flower greenhouse moose jaw cornell landscaping

Relax at our greehouse and shop for:

  • perennials
  • annuals
  • roses
  • tropical succulent plant
  • succulents
  • bedding plants
  • shrubs
Leslie and her staff can provide you expert advice on your gardening plans:
  • garden ideas
  • garden design
  • gardening tools
  • garden seeds
  • hydroponic design
Surround yourself with plants that clean the air and fill your soul with happiness. Sansevieria also called mother-in-law-tongue or snake-plant have been a household plant as long as I can remember (I’m not so sure that is a good reference point LOL). These plants come in many shales and sizes colors and will all clean the air in your home. They are a tropical succulent plant that is extremely hardy indoors and outside for our prairie summers!seedling nursery bedding plants greenhouse moose jaw

Cornell Landscaping & Design's Garden Centre's greenhouse has a huge variety of annual plants. Annual bedding plants are the bell of the ball in the spring and summer. Using bedding plants in your pot will make a splashy statement!

Perennial Lupine are a breathtaking flower that brings joy to the garden. You can almost see the little fairies dancing around the flowers!

Need expert advice for trees and shrubs for the prairie climate? Come to Cornell Design & Landscaping's Garden Centre to find the right tree or shrub for your landscape. These beauties can be found growing on the prairies through the toughest of winter conditions. 

Prairie Hardy Roses can be found in Cornell Deisgn & Landscaping's Garden Centre's nursery. We grow some of the most beautiful roses in the area. Growing Roses is one of Leslie’s specialties!

Look to Cornell’s for seeds and all your plant growing needs. We carry soil, pots, hydroponic stones and a large variety of fertilizer and pest control products to support your plant growing needs.

Succulents are some of the toughest plants we can grow during the prairie summer. You will have to bring them in for winter to get them to grow as big as these huge agaves and aeonium succulents!!

Tropical plants are a fantastic choice for houseplants. You can grow tropical plants outdoors during prairie hot summers (watch out for sunscald), then bring your tropical plants in for the winter to adorn your living space in your home.

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